Who is Gatsby?

There are two technocritical ways in which I understood the characters and society in The Great Gatsby…

Social class and money are obvious themes in the book. The residents of West Egg and East Egg are all rediculously wealthy and live lifes of ornamentation and excess. The difference between them is the affluent ease with which the people of “old money” behave, compared to the gaudy, show-iness with which the people of “new money” are compelled to live. Disregarding the subtle differences in their behaviors, their lives, their image, their respect and popularity is based on material things. Tom and Daisy could be just as wealthy as they are without living on the East Egg, but they do. They live in a beautiful home, furnished with fancy things, and indulge in material goods and their wealth enables them to do so. All of these material things needed to be created, and that’s where technology comes in. The people of the lower class work to make and present the wealthy with physical material goods which they can use to define their monetary worth. More speciafically, Jay Gatsby’s sole determination and goal is to win back the love of his sweetheart, Daisy. He wants to rekindle what they once had. It seems like their love was very real, and he is sincere in his longing for her. When they meet, it starts off ebing a little akward, but it ends with Daisy shedding real honest tears of happiness. But happiness for what? For Material things! Jay showed her his many expensive shirts, and along with his mansion and pool and rolls royce, and everything else, she realized that he had and owned things that proved his wealth and social status. The fact that having to see such expensive goods in order to provoke some real emotion in Daisy proves an important point; The elite depend on material goods to solidify and confirm their social worth and status, therefore they rely on technology to give them these things.

The Great Gatsby. Great, meaning what? What is so great about Jay Gatsby? The title of the book alludes to someone out of the ordinary. We don’t really meet Jay Gatsby until chapter 3. The anticipation of his character builds, as people spend their time trying to figure him out. Rumours fly, assumptions are made, yet no one can figure him out. Everyone-people in the community, friends, neighbors, socialites, even reporters- try to unravel and piece together his real identity. Who is this Gatsby, and how did he become so great? Take the parties for one. Jay Gatsby organizes this enormous soirees at his gigantic mansion. He invites boatloads of the most wealthy and affluent people. He has tents housing buffets of food, tables overflowing with the finest fruits, sophisticated orchestras entertaining through the night and a liquor supply that seems never ending. And Jay Gatsby stands around watching it all from a disctance, observing it all as if he was orchestrating it in his mind. Another thing- he has created an obsession with Daisy. He creates a clever plan in which he will be confronted with her, and then he is sure that the rest will pan out the was he has anticipated. There is also his identity. We find out that he is not what he makes himself out to be. He is simply James Gatz, an average farm boy who creates dreams of making it big.
Jay Gatsby is technology. He is great, he is grand, he is a magician. Jay Gatsby is the Prospero of the 1920’s. He invented a world in which he didn’t belong. He is an inventor. It took years, and planning, and hard work, but he did it. All so he can get a girl that would never really be with him if she knew who he really was. Daisy falls for gatsby’s inventions and creations. She believes him because Gatsby is a magician that manipulates the real world to conform to the world of his dreams. He fools everyone. Gatsby creates a new identity, this great, extraordinary identity taht people marvel about. He becomes a very popular but ambiguous figure because of the things he has accomplished and what he is capable of. No one really knows what he is about because he is a magician. The parties, the fanicness, the money, the goods, the cars and house, Gatsby made them all a possibility so it would lead him to the possibility of having Daisy as his own. This is the technology that I see. I see Jatsby as a craftsmen who works his magic on those around him, and charms people into believeing what he wants them to beleive, just so he can acheive his goals.

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