Victor Frankenstein as a Creator

Victor Frankenstein is characterized in many different ways. We can read him as obsessive, shallow, driven, vengeful, and generally unaware. He over setps many boundaries by setting out to be the creator of a life form. He stuidies forbidden sciences and is influenced by the occult. His thirst for knowledge is what leads to his destructive and selfish desire to create a living being. I describe Victor Frankenstein as an irresponsible creator. He is most certainly brilliant, as it takes extensive knowledge and skill to assemble the many body parts in order to construct such a creature. However, he does not apply his knowledge in thinking about the after effects of his experiment. In his mind, he anticipates creating a beautiful creature that he will most deffinitely be proud of. To his horror and surprise, Frankenstein truns out to be a hideous and gruseome creature that makes Victor’s heart grow sick, and ultimately terrorizes his life, and the lives of those around him.

Victor creates a monster. The creature is responsible for taking human lives. he is seen as a destroyer, and should be destroyed. However, it is the creator who should be held responsible for the creation. Victor may have made a huge mistake by venturing out to assemble a life form, but an even bigger mistake was his abandonment of Frankenstein. By deserting the creature who then becomes a monster, can we not consider Victor to be monster-like himself? He realeases a creature whom no one in society is familiar with, not even himself. Victor, out of his own fears and guilts leaves Frankenstein and offers no compassion towards his very own creation. Victor escapes his problems, and lives ignorantly at the expense of others, in order to avoid taking responsiblity and being judged. Victor is the ideal example of an irresponsible creator.

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